Coastal Select Properties offers a new way to sell your home

At Coastal Select Properties we understand that selling your home in Wilmington NC is a tremendous undertaking. With our experience and real estate knowledge, our agents can assist you in every aspect of the sale - from the current market analysis and pricing, to the showing, negotiating, and closing.

Pricing Your Home

The biggest questions most sellers have are:

     "How much is my home worth?"

     "How much should we list it for?"  

These are key questions that have varied and nuanced answers. And that's where our expertise can really help.  

Our goal is to help you identify the best possible list price for your home so you can keep as much money in your pocket as possible.  To do that, we evaluate market trends, your goals, your home, and your neighborhood.  We provide a comprehensive overview of the market value of your home (known as a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA), allowing you to price your home to sell.

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Getting your home ready to sell can take a lot of work but you can count on us for insight that will help you prioritize your tasks so it's not so overwhelming.  You may have questions about re-doing your floors or your roof or other major home repairs.  We'll be able to tell you what will be the most worthwhile repairs and upgrades to make before listing your home for sale. Some of these repairs can make or break a sale while others may have less of an impact.

If you're still living in the home while you're selling it, you'll want to organize and de-clutter as much as possible.  This will really make a difference in how your home is perceived by others.  Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the home and the presence of your family photos and personal items can deter that line of thinking.

If you've already moved out of the home, consider staging some rooms, at least very simply.  You might be surprised by the effect of placing some nice accessories in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Sellers with higher end homes might consider a staging service for more elaborate setups including furniture and wall hangings.

Receiving Offers - What to Do

This is another area where our expertise will help make your selling experience smoother, less stressful, and more successful.  Offers often require some amount of negotiation.  We can advise on whether to accept an offer, reject, or make a counter-offer and at what price. There are many factors that you need weigh when considering an offer, including the price and whether the buyer's timeline for closing is compatible with yours.  We can help make sure you take all those factors into account and advise on a potential best course of action.

The Closing

There's a lot that needs to happen between accepting an offer and closing on the property.  We will oversee the activity, communicate with all necessary parties throughout, and make sure the entire process is running smoothly. The closing process is a great time to have the agents from Coastal Select Properties working for you!

Contact Us Today

Get our agents on your side! Contact us today to discuss your listing needs.  We'll provide you with a professional CMA for your home, a breakdown of services we provide, and a timeline of what we will do to market your home.

Thank you for your interest in choosing Coastal Select Properties for selling your Wilmington home!