Jordyn is from Colorado, she moved to West Hollywood, California at age 19 to pursue her dream of acting. After living in LA for 7 years she and her partner moved to Austin, Texas to chase a new dream. Together they began renovating and restoring homes and Jordyn’s love of architecture and design grew. She and her partner were drawn to the Wilmington area because of its rich history, incredible downtown, beautiful beaches, and thriving community. Upon arrival to North Carolina, Jordyn immediately became involved in real estate and is very excited to be working with such an amazing group at Coastal Select Properties. As a part of The Tara English Real Estate Team, Jordyn looks forward to learning from her experienced leader and fellow teammates.


Jordyn has a knack for translating vision to reality. She will discover what you want in a home and will help turn your dreams into reality.  She is an enthusiastic and seasoned sales person with an obvious passion for real estate.  Jordyn loves spending time on the beach, helping needy animals, dancing, and cooking vegan food.


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