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A laid back and scenic coastal town, Wrightsville Beach offers potential home buyers a truly beautiful location. With plenty of gorgeous sights to explore and a 2.5-mile scenic Loop, this beach offers an experience like no other. While Wrightsville Beach may sound like a dream, that doesn't mean  buying a home here is the easiest process. In fact, finding that perfect place can be pretty tough. Find out what some of our favorite tips are when it comes to buying a home in Wrightsville Beach.

1.) Determine Your Type

When it comes to buying a house in Wrightsville Beach there is something that you will learn very quickly, there are a lot of different types of properties! You’ll find a huge selection when it comes to housing types, from condos to duplexes, to even single family homes. With so many housing types available, it can be pretty overwhelming at first. However, if you know the type of property you are looking for, it can make buying a breeze. Even if you just have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, it really will make the buying process so much easier. Take some time to think about, what are you really looking for in your home?

2.) Consider Your Preferred Proximity

This may be one the biggest decisions that you will have to make as a buyer, how close do you want to be to the water? As with most beach towns, the price goes up as you get closer to the water, and Wrightsville Beach is no different. However, the view can certainly be worth the price. On that same note though, keep in mind that oceanfront homes often require more upkeep due to the harsher winds and salty air. The biggest takeaway, before shopping, take some time to decide what you truly want when it comes to your home in Wrightsville Beach. While you may  want to be near the water, how important is it to you? Is it your number one priority, or something you’re willing to be a bit flexible on? No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, if you know what you’re looking for, finding that perfect place will be that much easier.

3.) Match Your Lifestyle

How close you are to the water is not the only thing that you'll want to take into consideration You will also want to keep in mind your lifestyle when selecting a property. For example, if you're an avid boater, you'll likely want to settle close to a marina, or look for a home with a personal dock. In contrast, if you are someone who is an avid kayaker or paddleboarder, you may prefer to stay along the Intracoastal rather than by a marina. The good news is that Wrightsville Beach has something for just about everyone. Whether you'er looking for a home right on the water, or perhaps one a little further back, this beach has it.

While finding that perfect place isn't something that happens overnight, with a little preparation and planning, you can one step closer. However, even with the best preparation in the world, it's still crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced real estate professional who knows the market. 

Our real estate agents here at Coastal Select Properties are experts when it comes to buying a home in Wrightsville Beach. Contact us today and begin your journey to finding that perfect escape. 


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