Six Things That Could Make or Break the Sale


Listing your house can be overwhelming. You suddenly see every blemish along with all the little things you meant to fix or change over the years. 


It’s important to remember though, that, as with anything, it’s the little things that go a long way with potential buyers. 


One thing our agents have noticed through the years is that homeowners have a tendency to get so wrapped up in perfecting the home itself, that they fail to consider the ever-important first impression, which usually occurs from the moment a buyer sees the listing to the time they get to the first room of the house. And, it’s the little things (and a couple of really big ones) – listing price, flowers lining the walkway, a dog poop-free yard, an eye-catching paint job, and clean baseboards – that tend to be either conscious or  subconscious decision influencers.


So, here’s a quick list of things that may not be top-of-mind or deemed deal-breakers to sellers, but if left unattended to, could become deal breakers for buyers.


1 - Choose the Right Realtor®

This an obvious one, but one many people take for granted. Finding the right realtor takes time and research, so not many actually do it. But, it's often vital to a smooth selling process. So, take some time, first, to consider whether or not working with a larger firm or a boutique agency is right for you and your situation. Then, when choosing an agent, consider the agent's breadth of experience, their knowledge of the area, and whether or not attention to detail is their strong suit.



Coastal Select's broker-in-charge, Tricia Ireland, says that getting the listing price right trumps  all other details. Be sure to work thoroughly with your agent to determine the price that matches the market and gets you closer to your goals. 


3 – Scoop the poop

This may seem ridiculous and obvious enough, but it’s also something that tends to fall to the end of long to do lists. 


Coastal Select agent, Teresa Krebs, had this experience:


“I was showing a house recently and my client stepped in poop when he walked through the yard. He couldn't even walk back through the house. It was definitely a pretty serious turn off,” Teresa said. 

We rest our case. 


4 – Ditch the Dust 


Layers of dust can appear like layers of dirt when left hanging on baseboards and ceiling fans, which can be a real deterrent for otherwise interested buyers. Don’t forget that a good scrubbing can go a long way when showing your home and attention to detail is a next step that won't go unappreciated.


5 – The Color Cure


Coastal Select Properties agent, Jordyn Rice, says that color is key. She said that a fresh coat of paint works wonders, but a fresh coat of a color more apt to evoke positive emotion, she says, can often make the statement you need to seal the deal. Don’t be afraid to take a shallow dive into color psychology for some helpful hints (yes, shades of red, orange, and yellow evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy!). Or better yet, find a realtor with enough experience and research under their belt to help determine this and other factors for you.  


6 -  Tap into Texture 


Adding a few textural touches to the exterior can be both eye-pleasing and inviting. Rice says that natural elements- wooden, flowers, plants, and rocks can add a sense of comfort and calm. She suggests adding scalloped siding, cedar shakes to dormers, and/or shutters to spice things up a bit.