Dave Ramsey and Tricia Ireland at recent ELP-related events.

Buying a home is one of biggest decisions any of us ever make, so when choosing a real estate agent, the majority of us call the person we trust the most in order to find the best agent for the job. And an ELP, or an Endorsed Local Provider, is just that, except that the referral comes from a trusted public figure or corporation.

Dave Ramsey's ELP Program

The main reason we're unlocking yet another puzzling acronym is to tell you about our own in-house ELP who happens to be the only Dave Ramsey ELP in the region. Tricia Ireland, CSP's broker-in-charge and financial planning enthusiast, has been a Dave Ramsey fan since the day she discovered him.

On the off chance the name doesn't ring a bell, Dave Ramsey is a well-known author, financial guru, and teacher. He advocates for professionals who have the "heart of a teacher" and the ability to help clients make financially sound decisions.

"ELPs earn Dave's recommendation through their track record of success and commitment to fantastic customer service."

Four years ago, Tricia Ireland became one of those professionals when she was invited into Dave Ramsey's ELP Program. Tricia has not only lived the Dave Ramsey way for most of her life, but her knowledge, attention to detail, and financial planning expertise has all carried over into her work proving to be a major boon to clients across the board. 


Why Hire an ELP?

1. All Dave Ramsey ELPs consistently report to a member of the Dave Ramsey team in order to maintain quality service and continued training. 

2. A client-centered mentality is at the heart of the work of passionate, effective professionals in the ELP program. 

3. The vetting process of selecting ELPs is extensive, so clients who choose them can continually trust them.  

4. With years of experience fueling their success, ELPs are equipped to give expert advice on how clients can best reach their financial goals. 

And, as an added bonus, our ELP happens know everything about wine, can cook almost anything you can imagine better than most, and supports our local community with a passion that's contagious. 

Trustworthy Professionals



Client-Centered Mental