Our second quarter was all about the children in our community - especially those who find themselves in tragic situations out of their control, and need the support that only dedicated nonprofit organizations can provide. 

The Carousel Center and The Foster Pantry are two such organizations. 

Development Director, Laurie Taylor, says that the Carousel Center gives children and their families access to everything needed in the aftermath of physical and sexual abuse. "Children can feel safe here," Taylor said. 

After addressing the initial needs for a physical exam and police reports, therapeutic care immediately follows, both for the child and for their family members. 

"Access to complete care under one roof can change everything for families," Taylor said. "We like to think that this is where the healing begins," Taylor said. "And, it's our intention to bring it full circle."

In a world where one in ten children will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18, children everywhere need the support of an organization like the Carousel Center, and we feel so fortunate that it exists here in New Hanover County. 

So, we want to do everything in our power to support it. 



Any of you who know us well, know that we have a special place in our hearts for the folks at The Foster Pantry. They dedicate every ounce of their free time to easing the anxiety and stress for young children entering foster care, as well as those being transferred to a new foster home. They also provide a significant amount of support to foster families enabling them to focus their attention on the children they are bringing into their homes. 


In support of all that they do for foster children in our community and to offer support of our own, we've decided that in addition to second quarter financial support, we're also going to host the Second Annual Ban the Bags Fill the Packs event at our office at 213 North Second Street. Please see details here! Then, get it on your calendar - Sunday, August 25th from 5-8pm. Item drop-off only will be from 4-6pm. 

We would love to see you there! Please feel free to call Jamie Penn with questions at 910-612-8394