10 Ways to Get and Give in 2019 


Capitalism you can wrap your heart around.


Most of us are familiar with TOMS, the shoe industry game-changer with a buy-one-give-one business model. TOMS, now worth more than $650 million, has drawn a bit of attention over the past decade. The company has successfully given 86 million pairs of shoes to people in need to date, and has made a pretty significant profit to boot. The one-for-one concept alone has successfully fueled hundreds of buy-one-give-one businesses and startups over the last 9 years, and has inspired thousands of young entrpreneurs.  Subsequently, TOMS and “like-minded” companies have given conscious consumers a more satisfying shopping experience. Knowing that a company is going to give the equivalent of a purchase to those in need in honor of the purchaser is a apparently a pretty big deal. 


Two of Wilmington’s own, brother and sister team Carmin and Christian Black, happen to think so.  Carmin completed an internship fresh out of college with TOMS shoes and was so inspired by the one-to-one philosophy that she and her younger brother, Christian, decided to develop a brand of their own in 2009.


Initially an online apparel and jewelry shop, Half United now has their very own brick-and-mortar store in Wilmington’s up-and-coming Container District.  


Naturally, Wilmington's own buy-one-give-one retail shop is first on our list of ways to get and give this year. All others on the list are based in various locations across the U.S. 


Feel free to add to what you see below in comments! 


1 – Half United

Products: Apparel, bracelets, jewelry, bags

Promise: For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, you provide 7 meals for a child in need.

Website: halfunited.com


2 - This Bar Saves Lives

Products: Granola bars

Promise: 150 “nutrient packets” (aka granola bars) = one child saved

Website: thisbarsaveslives.com


3 – Project 7

Products: gourmet candies; gummies, gum, and organic “chewies”

Promise: A specialty gum and mint brand dedicated to bringing great flavor back into your day while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need. 

Website: project7.com



4 – State

Products: Designer bags and backpacks for men and women

Promise: To make beautiful, well-made, inclusively cool product while using the power of business to give back and shift narratives around social injustices.

Website: statebags.com


5 – BetterWorldBooks 

Products: Books and more

Promise:Every time you purchase a book from BetterWorldBooks.com, they donate a book to someone in need. 

Website: betterworldbooks.com


6 - Bombas

Products: socks

Pomise: One pair purchased = One pair donated.

Website: bombas.com


7 - Toms

Products: Shoes, sunglasses, apparel

Promise: For every product purchased, a pair of shoes is given to someone in need. 

Website: toms.com


8 - SoapBox

Products: soap, hair & skin care products

Promise: For every Soapbox product purchases, a bar of soap is donated to someone in need either in the U.S. or abroad.

Website: soapboxsoaps.com 


9 - Smile Squared

Products: toothbrushes 

Promise: For every Smile Squared® toothbrush purchased, one is donated to a child in need.

Website: smilesquared.com


10 – Bixbee

Products: kids bags and backpacks 

Promise: For every bag purchased, a backpack full of school supplies is sent to a child in need around the world. 

Website: bixbee.com


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