Coastal Select Properties Proudly Supports The Carousel Center

Coastal Select Properties continues its ongoing mission to give back, especially during these uncertain times. Although “normal life” has come to a halt for many of us, “normal life” for children living in challenging home environments or who are victims of traumatic events has not. That is why we continue to support the important work of The Carousel Center, a non-profit child advocacy center serving New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties, that  that  offers specialized therapy for children to reduce trauma-related symptoms, such as anxiety, nightmares, and behavior problems, using evidence-based models that incorporate the language of children - talk, art and play.  

Amy Feath, Executive Director of The Carousel Center, is a passionate advocate for the health and safety of the children in our community. She leads an equally dedicated team to provide exceptional service to our youngest citizens. Amy recently accompanied us on a tour of the brightly painted, child-friendly facility in Wilmington and explained the importance of TCC’s mission. In the past, if a child reported that she was being hurt at home, she would need to speak to multiple people – a teacher, nurses, doctors, a police officer, a social worker, a child protective service investigator and a lawyer. It could be an overwhelming, scary process for an already traumatized child. TCC has created a system and environment where the abused child can receive a medical exam; tell her story while a detective, CPS worker and State’s Attorney can listen as a team; and meet with a counselor to help her heal. Additionally, the child’s non-offending parent/guardian is offered advocacy and counseling services to help understand the system and contribute to the healing process.

The medical exams are completed on-site by medical staff specifically trained to gather the essential physical, medical evidence. Specially-trained child interviewers conduct non-threatening, developmentally-appropriate and forensically-sound interviews which are recorded using closed circuit video. Great care is taken to preserve the child’s statements and to meet the investigative needs of social services, law enforcement and prosecution.

To help children heal and get back to the business of childhood, TCC offers child therapy, family counseling services and various types of therapy including traditional talk therapy, art therapy and play therapy. We also met Rudy, the Center’s friendly therapy dog, during our visit.

Coastal Select Properties understands that it is a privilege to serve the community and is honored to be a sponsor of TCC’s recent “Heart of the Matter” luncheon and fundraiser as well as its “2020 Making Legends Local Gala” fundraiser which was originally scheduled for April 25th but has been cancelled in light of the recent pandemic mandates. Although the 17th annual fundraising event will not be held, we will honor our financial commitment by converting our sponsorship to a donation and we encourage our local community to continue to support the important, essential work of The Carousel Center. For more information about TCC and how you can help, please visit