Hurricane Florence has taken a toll on our beloved city and surrounding counties.

And, the recovery and rebuilding process is now in full swing. Lineman and service men and women from across the country have poured in to support and restore power to our community. And, grateful citizens have shown their thanks in force - delivering lunches to crews, supplying lineman with water and food, and offering handshakes and hugs to show their gratitude. 

As always, the Wilmington community has banded together to support one another in this time of great need. It's acutely evident that Wilmington area residents are either seeking support, or are looking for ways to help those who desperately need it. So, we've compiled short lists for both camps in hopes of helping to connect those in need to those who can give and vice versa.

Who to Call Where to Go


1. Call Your insurance company: First and foremost, be sure to report all damage and hurricane-induced financial burden to your insurance provider. Whether you're a home owner or a renter, if you have insurance you will likely qualify for financial assistance. 

2. FEMA: Residents and business owners can now apply for assistance. Apply online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). Representatives will be available 7am - 10pm seven days a week. 

3. Head to a local shelter: If you and/or loved ones stayed home or with friends living in the Wilmington area during the storm and have a shortage of supplies or need a dry place to stay and access to food, click here to find the shelter nearest you. Ashley High School recently opened its doors to Hurricane victims with space for over 1,000 residents! 

4. New Hanover County Emergency Information:  Before leaving your home in search of help or supplies, please be aware of watches, warnings, curfews, and road closures!  Access and regulations will continue to change over the next couple of days as the water continues to rise, so please stay tuned here

5. NCDOT: For EVACUEES - Wilmington, NC is currently an inaccessible island, but this can could change soon. Stay abreast of road closures, bypasses, etc. at NCDOT's Interstate travel page

How You Can Help 


1. Start with your neighbors: Be sure to check on your immediate neighbors first. Easy access makes supporting them even easier.  

2. Feed a lineman: The word on the street is that lineman and other service men and women are going without food due to lack of access. If you have a stout supply in your own home, delivering lunch to a lineman would go a long way! 

3. Donate: Michael Jordan has made it easier for people who want to help fund relief efforts in his hometown and beyond. Visit his microsite  for best places to donate. Wilmington local, Michelle Lawson, created this GoFundMe page in hopes of supporting residents who sustained significant property damage during the storm. 

4. Don't let them Flo Alone: Do you know someone who may be home alone right now? Find a way to contact them and encourage them to find shelter with others or to stay with friends or family until our community has better access to resources. 

5. Share: Food, shelter, showers, water, and clothing are all needed by hundreds of area residents. Collect items or resources you're willing to share or give away. Then, create a social media post, email, or group text message letting friends and friends of friends know what's available to them and how you can get it to them.

Above all, please continue to stay safe, and ensure the safety of loved ones. Together, we'll rebuild one day at a time. Soon, the Wilmington community will be stronger than ever.



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