We proposed a little contest for National Wreath Day this year. Initially we said that there would be three winners, each of whom would receive a $100 Amazon Smile Gift Card and a $100 check tucked in a lovely holiday wreath and delivered to their nonprofit of choice. 

In honor of #nationalwreathday we decided to go all out with a little neon green on this awesome machine, and...by hosting this contest! All we had left on our list this season was to give part of the commission that kept coming in this month, and we needed some help finding the best homes for it. 

So, we asked our Facebook audience to do the following: 

• TAG a local nonprofit of choice

• TELL us how this nonprofit helps to strengthen our community in your comment

• INCLUDE a photo of your favorite holiday wreath 

• TAG A FRIEND and invite them to join in!

One winner was chosen for each of the following three categories:1 - MOST BEAUTIFUL
3 - MOST ELABORATE Winners were announced December 19th at 5pm with a little twist...EVERYBODY WON! Well, every nonprofit anyway. With the help of Suites on Front and Nacho Mama's matching donations, we were able to give $100 to all nonprofits suggested, and $200 to the three nonprofits mentioned by our winners.  Once the winners were chosen and announced, we decided to hit the road to deliver donations in person in this beautiful machine...


And, there's truly too much to say about this awesome journey to contain it all in a blog. We had no idea how much joy posting a little Facebook contest could bring. Our trek around town to some of the organizations we were able donate to reminded us, again, what all of this is about.

Coming together, giving back, creating community - however you describe Tricia's intention in the way she runs this company we love, the result is that everyone who works with her feels good, laughs a lot,
and is inspired to give more. And, that's saying something you don't hear everyday. We're so grateful to be a part of all of this and to all of those who participated in our "We Give a Wreath" Photo Contest. You gave us the greatest gift - the opportunity to give. We also want to give a special shout out to former clients and now close friends, Lena Maximova Sutherland and Pennie Ellis Coussit, for joining us. Stay tuned for our next contest. Coming soon in 2019...Hint: We need a name for the Orange Flame!


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