Meet Angie Greer. We're so glad we did. When Coastal Select agent, Jennifer Davidson, introduced Angie Greer to CSP broker-in-charge, Tricia Ireland, they both knew pretty quickly that it was an ideal match.


"The way Tricia runs her business is the way I want to run my life," Angie said.


After becoming more familiar with Tricia's dedication to the community, the inherent and encouraged family/fun/work balance at CSP, and the fact that our firm contributes a portion of every commission to local nonprofits, Angie was doubly sold.


Angie says she recently decided to become a realtor in order to find a deeper level of connection with clients and colleagues and to feel that she was contributing in a positive and meaningful way.


After nearly 20 years working as an account manager for a public safety software agency working with local government agencies, Angie is amply familiar with long sales cycles and and has a serious knack for negotiation. Having travelled extensively with work over the years, Angie's hope is to use the skills that she has learned here in her own hometown in order to create connections to and relationships with people who share it with her.


Read more about Angie below!



Why did you choose real estate?


Angie: I loved working as an Account Manager but it required me to travel extensively. Working in real estate allows for a more flexible schedule, allowing me to spend more time with my family and to help people find what they're looking for in life.



What’s your favorite thing to do?


Angie: I love spending time with my family, preferably at the beach. I love to cook and entertain guests. I love my time volunteering at Early Bread Ministries, a feeding ministry in Wilmington, NC.


Why Wilmington?


Angie: I was born in Fort Dix, NJ as my father was in the Army. When I was born, we left the hospital and came to Wilmington where my father’s family was located. I have been here ever since. I love the downtown area and have enjoyed seeing the growth of our once small little town. We are close to the ocean, to the mountains, and to larger cities. We have it all here.  


Why Coastal Select?


Angie: My best friend, Jennifer, is a Coastal Select agent, and she recently shared with me how much she loved the people here. I met with Tricia and just loved her as a human being. I was impressed at how much they give back to the community.


What's your favorite food?


Angie: Definitely bacon (followed by laughter.) With my mother being Korean, I grew up loving Korean food. My father was from the South, so I also enjoy eating and preparing down home country cooking. 


Favorite thing about yourself?


Angie: I am a nurturer by nature. I deeply care about people. I enjoy taking care of people and making them smile from the heart. I feel like I connect with people on a deep level and I feel that honesty, integrity and trust are top priorities.


Favorite thing to do in Wilmington?


Angie: I often stroll around downtown, taste the fares of the new restaurants, and enjoy the view.  I also love the beach. I live on Carolina Beach and going to the North End and camping out is one of my favorite all-time things to do. 


What motivates you to do what you do every day?


Angie: My family and my faith. I have four children from 7-19  years of age and a wonderful loving husband.  I want to show my children a good work ethic and how to balance that with personal quality time with family.  If you do something you’re passionate about and commit to growing every day, the journey of life becomes full of wonderful surprises. 


What do you hope your work will accomplish on a grand scale?


Angie: I hope to add value to the wonderful real estate community in our area. Community outreach is important. 


…on a micro-level?


Angie: I hope to meet lots of new people and to be able to help friends, family and acquaintances to buy and sell homes, not just houses. I hope that the work I do helps people through this often emotional process, and opens the door to potentially building new friendships in the process.