A place with an unparalleled degree of mystery, intrigue, and fascination, Figure Eight Island is known by many, but occupied by few. This exclusive island is home to politicians, celebrities, and of course North Carolina’s wealthiest residents. Elusive in its nature, Figure 8 Island offers visitors and residents a serene escape. With a natural and minimally touched landscape, Figure 8 Island is in many ways, it's own little world, and who doesn't want a little more of that in their lives? It should come as no surprise then why so many people are itching to have a piece of this little island. With less than 500 residents, Figure Eight Island is not your average destination. 

Located just north of Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island is seemingly close, but somehow so far away. Perhaps that’s some of the appeal to this elusive place though. With 5 miles of exclusively multimillion-dollar homes and roads that have never seen a sign of traffic in their lives, this island is truly an astonishingly beautiful hideaway. However, guests may be surprised when first visiting. In fact, many people are surprised to find out that the island is not full of five star hotels and high end boutiques. Residents of Figure 8 come to the island for quite the opposite reason. The true beauty of the island lies in the fact that it is seemingly untouched.

With 1,300 gorgeous acres sprawling across the island, and not a commercial businesses in sight, Figure Eight Island represents pure freedom and escape. Visitors quickly come to find out that once they enter the island, they have stepped into a completely different world. A world that is filled with nothing but miles of pristine beaches and million dollar bungalows.

To many, Figure Eight Island is more than an island, its a lifestyle. It's quite simply luxury in its purest form. Potential buyers should know that this island is truly the perfect hideaway. Home to the only private bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway, Figure 8 is a stand out.

When staying on this piece of paradise, potential homeowners can rest assured that the experience will be nothing less than exceptional. From entering the island through the gated entrance to driving along the roads without a sign of traffic in site, Figure 8 is unlike anywhere else. These homes may go for well over a million dollars on the market, but buyers know they are worth every penny. After all, Figure 8 Island is home to a world and lifestyle unlike any other.

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